Month: December 2023

Join one of our 2024 Airline Distribution and Retailing Masterclasses

Airline distribution continuous to be in full flux all over the globe, leading to a fundamental change in airline’s commercial processes and a shift of the dynamics of offer creation and customer ownership. This has triggered a fundamental change in the airline’s commercial business processes and a shift of the power play of offer creation and customer ownership to the airline.
Travel in Motion and Oystin Advisory have been actively supporting airlines to master and make full use of these opportunities. Through multiple airline engagements, as well as actively driving the change through our engagements with IATA’s distribution and innovation teams, we provide not only insights into best practices, but also thought leadership. 
We want to share our learnings, views, and actionable insights with you. Also, in 2024 we will continue our series of Airline Distribution and Retailing Masterclasses, with updated content and opportunities to further exchange.

Therefore, please already mark one of these three dates in your calendar:

Please remember, the Masterclasses are for airline employees, only. We are looking forward to meeting you either in Singapore or Amsterdam in 2024!