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Beginning in 2023 and at each start of a month, we bring you an Insights TiMcast in which we will talk about our company, our opinions on topics or on what we feel is happening in the airline industry.

Every 15th of the month we discuss for 15 minutes distribution related industry topics in our 15on15 TiMcast.

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15on15 – January 2023


Our first 2023 15on15 TiMcast focusses on the ecosystem of traditional Passenger Service Systems (PSS). Most of airline passengers are handled by not even a hand full of PSS suppliers, while at the tail end numerous small PSS vendors typically host very small airlines. Daniel Friedli discusses this phenomenon with Nevra Onursal Karaagac, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of HITIT, a PSS provider that cannot be easily put into one of the two categories mentioned above.

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


Insights – January 2023


In our first Insights TiMcast our Founding Partner Daniel Friedli reflects about latest industry developments and shares recent news and developments wu+ithin Travel in Motion.


15on15 – December 2022


This month’s 15on15 TiMcast reflects on customer centricity in aviation. In the corresponding blog, we covered the lack of customer centricity in the airline industry, or rather, how it could be improved and how data could make customer centricity achievable for airlines. To further discuss the topic we welcome Andy Owen Jones, Managing Director and Co-Founder of BD4.

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


15on15 – November 2022


“Hey airline exec – put your bum on my seat”

What are airlines doing to get better at customer experience and understanding the customer? To answer that question this month’s 15 on 15 TiMcast features a discussion with Heike Birlenbach. Heike is the SVP of Customer Experience at the Lufthansa Group.

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


15on15 – October 2022


Will there be a future for Departure Control Systems (DCS), as we know them today when airlines are moving to ONEOrder based commercial systems? In our October edition of the 15 on 15 TiMcast Boris Padovan discusses this subject with Hans van Engelen of Res2 and Steven Dickson of Skylight Aviation. Their views focus on the operational aspects of DCS in an airport environment. 

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


15on15 – September 2022


The future of tickets and the implications for airline settlement, especially Settlement with Order (SwO) is subject of the September edition of the 15 on 15 TiMCast. Thibaut Ruy of IATA shares his views speaking with our Partner Nick Stott.

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


15on15 – August 2022


In our August edition of the 15 on 15 TiMCast Joanna Catalano of Piano.io speaks with our Partner Daniel Friedli about customer segmentation for airlines.

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


15on15 – July 2022


In our third edition of the 15 on 15 TiMCast Juliana Rios of LATAM talkes about how traditional Passenger Service Systems are sometimes limiting the move of airlines to become customer centric retailers.

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


15on15 – June 2022


In our second edition of the 15 on 15 TiMCast Jost Daft of Lufthansa Group shares his thoughts about how NDC and ONE Order are interlinked.

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


15on15 – May 2022


Our first edition of 15 on 15 covers how to embark NDC with a focus on embedding it into an overall airline distribution strategy. Our partner Daniel Friedli speaks with Felix Dannegger of Oystin about implementing NDC with a holistic view on distribution, combined with a direct distribution strategy.

If you haven’t read the corresponding blog, it is still available on our website.


AcceLErating NDC! Increasing adOption of NDC with the help of aggregators

18 July 2021


This is our third and final episode and today it is all about NDC adoption. Travel in Motion’s Daniel Friedli discusses the subject with Alice Ferrari  (CEO of Kyte), Jorge Diaz (CEO of AirGateway) and Tim Rogers (Head of Product at Duffel).

This podcast closes our series about NDC Aggregation. We hope that it has provided you with some additional insight and inspiration.

If you haven’t read the corresponding white paper, it is available on our website as a free download.


07 July 2021


After the successful launch of our first NDC podcast our second one focuses on the impact NDC has on business models and incentives.
In this episode Travel in Motion’s Daniel Friedli speaks with Alon Meisels (CEO at Atriis Technologies), Andreas Schneider (Head of Business Travel at Kuoni / DER Touristik Switzerland) and Zoran Radosavljevic (Head of PSS and Distribution at Air Serbia). We invite you to listen to the conversation, as it reflects the different views on the expected changes in business models.


Daniel Friedli (Travel in Motion), Dennis Behnsen (EF Education First), Moshe Rafiah (Travelfusion), Paul Sies (PS&M)

16 June 2021

While many airlines had lofty ambitions, most would admit that they have faced challenges in growing their distribution volumes via the New Distribution Capability (NDC) as quickly as they would have liked. NDC aggregators play an important role to achieve success. In this podcast Travel in Motion’s Daniel Friedli speaks with Dennis Behnsen (VP EF Education First), Moshe Rafiah (CEO Travelfusion) and Paul Sies (CEO PS&M and former CCO Air Malta) about the role of aggregators in the NDC ecosystem.


9 November 2020

After our one-to-one conversations with Jim Davidson of AccelyaSean Corkery of DatalexBryan Porter of OpenJaw TechnologiesSurain Adyanthaya of PROS and Andy Kidd of SAP our final podcast of this series is a definite highlight. We managed to gather all five for a final ‘virtual’ roundtable to wrap up and provide an interesting outlook for our industry.


2 November 2020

Finally, we spoke with Andy Kidd from SAP. Andy outlined how airlines, especially in Asia, have circled toward digital, and how this will benefit them in these challenging times. He further elaborates on how the customer experience is affected and can be improved with ONE Order.
Our favourite quote from Andy: “The majority, if not all airlines, have a digital transformation programme but what we’ve seen in retail is that some companies have accelerated what was years into months…”


26 October 2020

PROS’ Surain Adyanthaya was our fourth guest. With PROS’ growing ecosystem from revenue management to airline digital retailing solutions, their view on the market, especially with the insights into their customers’ revenue management strategies, was very interesting.
Our favourite quote from Surain: “The key to success for airlines is to be nimble and flexible. Things happen!

19 October 2020

The third interview was with Bryan Porter, Chief Commercial Officer of OpenJaw Technologies. OpenJaw is in the privileged situation to have a considerable part of their business in China, in which the domestic market is recovering faster than anywhere else in the world.
Our favourite quote from Bryan: “Reassurance has become the watch-word for recovery.

Sean Corkery - CEO Datalex

12 October 2020

In the second podcast, we discussed the same topics with Sean Corkery, CEO of Datalex. Having gone through a large transformation programme in 2019, they had already set themselves up to be very efficient and delivery focused.
Our favourite quote from Sean: “This is not a time for gain, this is a time for really underlining your value-add to your customers.

Jim Davidson

5 October 2020

We kicked off our discussion with Jim Davidson, Chief Product Officer at Accelya. After the acquisition of Farelogix through Accelya, Jim has taken the challenge to work on setting up Accelya to offer end-to-end retailing, from offers to selling, delivery to settlement.

Our favourite quote from Jim: “The concept of retailing is proven to be resistant even to the pandemic… the concept is still trying to match those services that are best equipped to the needs of the flying customer.”