Airline retailing and airline commercial strategies need to be driven to the next level

Travel in Motion with Oystin Partners


No doubt you’ve noticed how airline commerce and distribution is undergoing rapid change? Disintermediation. New ways of content aggregation. Airlines aiming to become retailers. These are all fundamental to the strategic shift in airline distribution. As a result technology and business are more interlocked and interdependent than ever before.

For these reasons Travel in Motion and Oystin Partners have decided to join forces to drive airline retailing and airline commercial strategies to the next level. That means that going forward our two consultancies are now able to work together jointly on projects as one team. This is a natural progression of successful industry collaboration, overlapping clients and mutual respect between the two consultancies. Together our unique partnership combines the two leading IT distribution and distribution business consultancies to leverage best-in-class value for the aviation community. Our combined team now has eleven highly experienced – and culturally and educationally diverse – aviation professionals in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, thus offering global support. With over 150 years of combined aviation industry experience, we have worked on over 60 distribution assignments and negotiated over 120 GDS agreements, plus multiple large digital transformation and airline retailing projects.

What kind of exciting projects can we now tackle? We can cover a complete range of competencies for a wide range of industry stakeholders – including not just airlines, but also technology vendors and distribution companies – to fulfil your complete range of distribution needs. This could include, but is not limited to, areas such as distribution and commercial IT strategy and implementation with particular focus on commercials, systems and processes; negotiation preparation, at-the-table and behind-the-table negotiation support (commercial models with key distributors); or definition and implementation of walk-away scenarios.

Such support could take many formats, including strategic, organizational, education & training (knowledge building), commercial (negotiation), procurement (run tenders for solutions) and implementation support. Despite growing in stature our core values of rigorous analytics and intellectual honesty, combined with creativity and empathy, will remain unchanged. As will our strict policy of complete independence, integrity and customer focus. All without any hidden interests.

Want to see us in person to discuss your needs? We´ll be at the Rethinking Retail event this Tuesday and then the World Aviation Festival at Excel on Wednesday and Thursday – both taking place in London. If you’re unable to make it, looking into 2022 we’ll be attending many of the major travel and aviation trade shows so no doubt our paths will cross very soon. 

Alternatively, you can email our lead partners Daniel Friedli and Felix Dannegger on: and .

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